Odor Neutralizing Aromas

Have a smell you would like to mask at your business? Choose from one of our odor neutralizing aromas to overcome that unwanted smell.

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An Mediterranean feeling, musky-wood type with a bright, dewy bergamot top-note, a floral heart of geranium, jasmine, freesia, carnation and wild evergreen, and finishing with a warm, sun-dried driftwood, sandalwood and white musk base-note.

Pure Sunshine

A refreshing and relaxing blend of fresh citrus with floral mid notes and base notes of cleaning ozone.

Royal Palm

The regal scent of palm complimented by fresh mid notes of lime and sweet base notes of citrus.

Southern Spring

The fresh southern breezes peak your senses with delicious citrus and energizing juniper. The mellow character of Cedar wood provides a rich heart and body to the blend.

Sparkling Goji Berry

Juicy and bright! A bold, fragrant blend of fresh-picked goji berry infused with rich accents of sweet cranberry, sun-kissed mandarin, and a splash of zesty Valencia.

Spring Rain

The light and crisp experience of a deep breath taken after a fresh rain. Clean, purifying and invigorating.

Vintage Bloom

The delightful and invigorating floral bouquet of a flower field in the spring. 


A citrusy, green fragrance, having a sparkling lemon peel and casaba melon top-note, a floral heart of night blooming jasmine, rose, muguet and rosemary, and a white musky and green-mint base-note.

Woodland Fresh

Captures the aromatic scent of fresh-cut pine. Natural notes of rich Douglas fir and crisp pine balsam blend with uplifting accents of frosted eucalyptus, bright boxwood, and lush evergreen and aromatic bayberry.